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Importance of Storm Water Management
Do you see when it rains or snows, there’s water that runs off on the streets carrying anything and everything with it? That is storm water. It can be destructive and it can affect water quality in homes. That is because this water runoff has to settle somewhere and it most likely will mix in with clean water that you will use at home. Therefore, the aim of storm water management is to reduce and channel rainwater runoff and consequently improve home water quality. In a perfect world, this water is supposed to be absorbed by soil. And that is what happens in natural areas like forests. The soil will absorb most of the water and whatever remains will be slowed down by plants and increase absorption.
Agriculture and human activities such as infrastructure construction derails this natural process. Therefore, there is need for an intervention to make sure that storm water is kot destructive. Therefore there are storm water management products such as infiltration systems and internal baffle walls that make it possible for storm water management. There are many benefits to storm water management and they include:
Storm water management has a critical role to play in the maintence of the ecological system. This means that streams, rivers and aquatic life will run as normal when filthy water is not contaminating what is clean and pure. It also ensures that human use of clean water is not interfered with. When water runs slowly and on soil, it is absorbed and this helps make sure that plant life doesn’t suffer. This then means that storm water management helps maintain hydrologic cycle.
Flooding has become too common today. It has led to loss of property and loss of life in extreme situations. When rainwater is not absorbed into the ground because of lack of plantation or because of infrastructure, it has to flow freely. Even worse, this water doesn’t have anywhere to go, therefore it is forced to stay in one place. Therefore when there is a storm or it snows a lot, this water will cause flooding. Storm water management helps where is ensures that the water is channeled. This way it won’t flood the roads or streats or even homes.
Uncontrolled storm water can also cause excessive erosion. Alot of storm water comes with a force that will carry away lose sand. Vegetation would have helped but where there is none, lots of soil is carried away. This soil then goes into streams and causes flooding in rivers and streams . Then this might cause rivers and streams to burst their banks and affect sorrounding communities. Therefore, storm water management helps make sure that the natural state of streams and rivers is maintained.
Finally, the main goal of storm water management is to protect water quality. Storm water carries with it Pesticides, greese, oil, metal and plastics. If not controlled, these contaminants will end up in streams and rivers or even seep into the ground and contaminate groundwater. This means that water that gets into homes will be contamination. This then leads to waterborne diseases that could have been avoided.

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